Will Roofing Materials Go Down in Boston MA for 2023?

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Will Roofing Materials Go Down in Boston MA for 2023?

Inflation has hit every industry hard, but construction’s had it especially rough. The most common roofing material, asphalt shingles, has been affected by the surge in oil prices. But the inflation effects aren’t only there.
How are roofing costs looking in 2023 and beyond? And how can you protect your investment with roofers in Boston, MA? Read on to learn more.

2022 Was Rough…

Construction costs have increased about 14% in 2022 from the year before, more than twice the US core inflation of6.2%. This is because construction costs are highly affected by both fuel prices and demand for labor.

Construction company DEWALT found that the biggest worry most contractors have is finding skilled labor. COVID put a pause on both immigration and labor training programs and the bottleneck is still not cleared. Broader trends steering young adults away from the trades are also a factor. The average Boston roofing company is affected by these trends, too.

Prices for materials are going up so fast that companies can only get quotes from wholesalers that are good for a week. Roofers in Boston, MA, where prices are higher than US costs generally, have been especially hard hit. In addition to oil being used to make asphalt shingles and roofing tar, the steel and aluminum used to make nails, sheeting, and gutters have been affected by wild swings in tariff policy over the last 5 years.

…But 2023 Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

While inflation in 2023 won’t be as out of control, construction prices are still expected to go up at least 5.6%. The affordable roof replacement costs of before the pandemic are over and won’t be coming back.

Roofers in Boston, MA are trying to improve efficiency and institute better planning to control costs in the future. Labor market bottlenecks should clear over the next few years and supply chains will build in redundancy to prevent price swings.

But the era of just-in-time supply chains and fast construction has ended. Homeowners should expect to pay more, but they should also expect a Boston roofer who makes sure their roof is a good investment.

The Best Time To Repair Your Roof

The best time to repair your roof was before the COVID pandemic. The second best time is when you need repairs. Homeowners need to be aware that the era of cheap home improvements is all but over. Your Boston roofer should be able to explain exactly where your money is going – don’t settle for anything less than honesty.

A Boston Roofing Company You Can Partner With

Whatever Boston roofing company you choose, they should be able to show you a detailed cost breakdown that shows where your money is going.  Labor and material costs aren’t going down anytime soon, but you can at least understand what they are. An experienced roofing contractor in Boston, MAwill give you an honest breakdown of costs and help you choose the best materials.

You should also pick a roofing contractor in Boston, MA that’s licensed and bonded. Most major manufacturers of shingles and steel roof materials have warranties that can protect you financially from material failure. But improper installation will void any warranty you might have.

Protect Your Investment

With costs not going down anytime soon, it’s more important than ever to protect the money you put into your roof. A roof replacement or major repairs aren’t cheap and are only going to get more expensive.But you can make sure your new roof lasts a long time by getting the best materials you can afford and going with a licensed and trusted Boston roofer.