What is the Best Color for a Roof in Boston MA?


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What is the Best Color for a Roof in Boston MA?

A new roof is a significant investment, so you want it to look great for years to come. You can’t overlook the importance of a strong roofing color that is well-themed with the rest of your home – but which color is best?

Before starting your project, consult with your Boston roofing company and find out which color options are available for each material. This is the best way to find a cost-effective, durable, gorgeous solution for your home.

 Choosing a Roofing Color

Your Boston roofer can visit your property and give a professional opinion on the best colors. Here’s what to consider.

What Color is the House?

White siding and red or gray brick walls go with most roofing colors. If your home is painted a brighter tone, like yellow or blue, your Boston roofing company can help you find a color that doesn’t clash. Some shingles are a deep reddish color – not everyone would want these with green or blue walls.

What Material Would You Prefer?

Some shingles are available in numerous colors. This depends on the manufacturer – again, your roofing contractor in Boston, MA, can advise you on which manufacturers offer colored shingles.

Other materials may have limited color options, and painting a roof isn’t always a good idea. Speak to your Boston rooferto learn more about this.

What are Common Colors in Your Area?

Perhaps you want your home to stand out from the crowd! Alternatively, you may wish to install a new roof that doesn’t clash too much with your neighbors’ homes. Reviewing other common roof colors in your area can help with your decision.

What’s the Roofing Project For?

Choosing a tone that suits you would seem obvious – but what if you’re upgrading your house to sell it? While you might’ve chosen more vibrant shingles, the best choice for reselling a property is to use an understated, neutral tone. You want your house to appeal to the widest audience possible.

Ask your Boston roofing company which colors and materials are considered the most desirable. They’ll likely have experience in this area and can help you make a sound decision.

Flat or Sloped?

There are typically more colorful options for sloped roofs that use shingles. Flat roofs typically come in either gray or black due to the material used for roofing.

If you’re building an extension with a flat roof, you may wish to coordinate it with your house’s sloped roof. This will help the extension blend in with your home’s aesthetic.

Most Popular Roofing Colors

These are the most common colors used by roofers in Boston, MA. Of course, more options are available – just ask your roofing contractor in Boston, MA, for more details!


Perhaps the most common option, gray shingles are widely available and affordable. They don’t stain easily and fit into any neighborhood.


Brown is an ever-popular choice because some shingles are naturally brown, so it’s cheap. It also hides stains and dirt very well.


Some shingles are a brighter reddish color. These look great in suburban neighborhoods and may reflectmore light than darker shingles.


Popular color for black roof is black. Black shingles are also widely available, and they can give your home a very striking look.


Copper-colored shingles can be more expensive, and solid copper shingles are very costly! However, it’s a very powerful choice, and some people love the way it fadesover time.

Final Thoughts

The best roofers in Boston, MA, will offer candid, thoughtful advice and a wide range of colors to suit your taste. Reach out to your local roofers for a discussion and discover the perfect option for your home