What are the Most Common Roofing Problems in Boston MA?

What are the Most Common Roofing Problems in Boston MA?

The roof is one of the most critical elements that protect your house, exposing it to numerous environmental stressors. If you live in Boston, MA, things can get even more complicated, considering that winters tend to be severe in this part of the United States.

Given this situation, roofers in Boston, MA tend to recommend various precautions to homeowners. Taking these preventative measures requires understanding the most common roofing problems anyone can suffer in the city, including the four following issues.

1. Improper Roof Ventilation

Any Boston roofer will tell you that improper roof ventilation is one of the worst problems your roof can suffer. After all, poor or inappropriate attic ventilation will cause excessive heat build-up in this part of your house.

What’s worse is that improper roof ventilation can severely damage the sheathing and even deteriorate the roof’s shingles, which is one of the worst-case scenarios. This problem, in particular, can easily lead to roof leaks. Any Boston roofing company will highly recommend you prevent this from happening since roof leaks can severely affect many other parts of your house.

2. Damaged Roofing Materials

If you speak with a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, they will always tell you the importance of the materials they will use. After all, a common roofing problem is having the roofing materials damaged or displaced, which can easily compromise the integrity of this part of your house, causing many problems in the process.

Virtually every Boston roofer agrees that the reason why this takes place is not only time but also weather conditions. Given this situation, roofers in Boston, MA always recommend calling a professional to inspect your rooftop, particularly after severe weather events.

3. Water Damage

After a downpour or heavy blizzard, stagnant water on the roof can easily lead to mildew or mold, degrading the roofing material and creating structural damage. Worse, if this part of your house has a weak area, the water will easily seep through, which is something any Boston roofing company will recommend preventing at all costs.

It’s important to point out that this problem is more common in flat roofs, which is why you should always call a roofing contractor in Boston, MA if you notice water damage on this part of your house.

4. Poor Insulation

Another common roof problem is poor insulation, which is usually a result of hiring inexperienced roofers to do the job. If your contractors are poorly qualified, the roof insulation can easily become deficient enough to malfunction in less than the expected amount of time. This lets cool or hot air enter your home, forcing your HVAC system to work extra hard to keep your house at a comfortable temperature and driving up your energy bill as a result.

5. Incorrect Roof Flashing

If the flashing materials installed on your roof start to break or crack, their connections will become extremely vulnerable to moisture and water. This is the reason why installing flashing on your rooftop is a delicate job that only a professional must do to ensure the flashing is fully attached and secured.

Final Thoughts

While there are many other problems your roof can suffer, these are the most common among Boston, MA homeowners. If you notice any of them, you should call a professional roofing company as soon as possible