Is a Shingle Roof Cheaper Than a Metal Roof in Boston MA?


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Is a Shingle Roof Cheaper Than a Metal Roof in Boston MA?

Choosing what type of roof to put on your home is an important decision that could lead to success or disaster. Roofers in Boston, MA can protect what matters most for years to come through a new shingle or metal roof installation.But, which type of protection offers better support? Let’s discuss the differences between metal and shingle materials based on the three main factors that should be considered before installing your new system: durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

Based on this information, you will be able to determine which material is best for your home when you call in roofers in Boston, MA.

Maximum Durability 

Shingles are a more common material used in roofing. However, these types of materials don’t offer peak durability.

In events, such as natural disasters, there is a chance your material can rip apart. So, while it offers protection, this common material is not proven to be the most dependable.

When it comes to metal, you’ll want to receive the right type of material. For instance, if you pick metal, such as Class 4 UL 2218, you’ll be guaranteed extreme durability.

A roofing contractor in Boston, MA can help you determine which roofing system can provide the best protection.


The top roofing contractor near Boston, MA can tell you that asphalt shingles are expected to last around 20 years. But, harsher weather patterns may truncate that time. You’ll want to keep up with your annual inspections to ensure the year’s weather hasn’t taken too much of a toll.

Conversely, a metal roofing contractor in Boston, MA will tell that a metal system may last upwards of 50 years. Overall, metal roofing systems can last two to three times longer, especially in harsh weather.


When it comes to the initial down payment, shingles are significantly less expensive. Shingles, compared to metal materials, can be quickly installed by less-experienced workers in a short amount of time, especially with standing seam systems.

Shingles require less time, skill, and labor for installation and replacement. A roofing company in Boston, MA can easily find skilled workers to help you install because the material is in higher demand.

But, metal can prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run. Because metal lasts longer, they do not require as many replacements. This means the cost of maintenance and replacements is far lower. This is especially true in Boston. With our higher amounts of snowfall, having metal on your house ensures the snow doesn’t build up and remains on your home as it does with asphalt. Say goodbyes to frequent roof repairs!

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor Near Boston, MA

Shingles and metal materials both have their different pros and cons depending on the type of project you encounter. Once you decide on your budget and understand your location, you can begin looking for a “roofing contractor near me”.

Find roofers in Boston, MA today to help you narrow down the right kind of roof for you!