How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof In Boston MA

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof in Boston MA

There are times when roof replacement is the best option for your house. These are the times when it is severely damaged, and even repairs and patches cannot fix it. It could get to this stage for many reasons, including age or lack of proper maintenance.

Knowing when your roof is due for replacement is essential, so you do not risk a severe accident. You also need to know a top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, or anywhere near you to help you do an excellent replacement.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

Delamination of Tiles

When tiles become too porous, it can be hazardous because it means they are slowly deteriorating. One way to check whether your roof needs replacement is to have a roofing company in Boston, MA, inspect the tiles for any flaking or delamination.

The Age of The Roof

A structure that has given you cover for more than 20 years needs replacement. Whether you can see the damage or not, an aged roof is usually an impending danger. Elements like rain and snow have weakened the structure over time.

Curled Shingles

Search out a good “roofing contractor near me” to identify curled shingles. You can also check at the edges of your tiles or shingles to see if any of them appear curled. That, together with discoloration, are obvious signs of deterioration.

Too Many Missing Shingles

You can hire a top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, to help you fix or replace missing shingles, but when the missing shingles are too many to count, get a new one. The repair will only be a temporary solution that might not last long.

Shingle Debris in the Gutters

If you notice a lot of build-up in the gutters, it is time for a new roof. Shingle debris can cause clogged gutters and affect the drainage system, leading to other problems like water damage.

A Sagging Roof

When a ceiling starts hanging low, the structure is probably damaged. Replace the roof with the help of a good roofing contractor in Boston, MA, and remove the risk of it falling over you at night.

Damaged Chimney Flashing

Flashing is essential in protecting the roof and chimney edges from water damage. If you notice a significant section has come off, call a roofing company in Boston, MA, to book an inspection and replacement.

A Badly Installed Roof

Sometimes the roofers in Boston, MA, that you previously hired to install a new model didn’t do the best job. That means that it will have a very short lifespan. If you realize that it is not up to professional standards, have it replaced as soon as possible.


Other reasons a roof needs replacement include visible holes and a destroyed structure. All the above signs require you to act urgently and have a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, replace your housetop before it caves in. The faster you replace a roof with extensive damage, the safer it will be for you and the people who live in your house