How Much Value Does a New Roof Add in 2023 in Boston MA?

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How Much Value Does a New Roof Add in 2023 in Boston MA?

Increasing your property’s resale value (or just making it look nice!) is a priority for homeowners. But is it worth replacing your roof before you think about selling your home?

Our guide includes professional advice from a Boston roofing company and all the questions you need to consider before making this decision.

How Do You Calculate Value?

The extra value of a new roof is measured by two factors:

What ROI you can expect?
How much would you stand to lose by not replacing it?

A 2013 studyfound that a new roof increased the resale value of a property by around $12,000. The average cost of replacing a roof in the U.S. is a complex calculation, but most estimates suggest it’s around $7,500-$8,000. This means that you’re looking at an ROI of over 50%.

However, you could stand to make significantly more than 50% – book an inspection from a professional roofing contractor in Boston, MA, to learn just how much.

How Old is the Previous Roof?

Roofers in Boston, MA, estimate that an aged structure could set your sale price significantly compared to a brand-new model. If the old structure is dilapidated and hasn’t been maintained, it will cut thousands off the value, and will also be far more difficult to market (see below).

Regardless of appearance, roofs that are 20-30 years old will likely be at the end of their warranty. This will significantly reduce the selling price.

How Well Has the Previous Roof Been Maintained?

When the estate agent takes photographsof your home, a badly-maintained roof will put off most buyers instantly. Without attention from a Boston roofer, an old roof will bomb your property’s price.

Roofs that haven’t seen any maintenance for even 10 years may be within warranty, but the appearance and possible issues like leaks won’t appeal to buyers. Regular inspections and maintenance from a Boston roofing company help avoid this problem.

What Materials Will You Use?

Your roofing contractor in Boston, MA, will advise you on which materials add the most value. They might not be the choice you’d make, but you should think of your buyer’s interests. Long-lasting, long-warranty materials are a fantastic selling point for your home.

Where is the Property?

If your property is in the suburbs, the roof will likely play on your buyer’s mind more than if you’re selling an inner-city flat. It’s a much more prominent part of the home. Investing in a new roof is a wise choice for large, detached properties.

What Does the Old Roof Look Like?

Perhaps you enjoyed a brightly-colored roof or an unusual design while you lived at the property. Your buyer may not have the same taste. Roofers in Boston, MA, may recommend re-roofing your home with neutral tones and long-lasting materials.

The Takeaway

Your Boston roofer will help you understand which materials and colors are best for your new roof. They’ll provide an accurate estimate of how much value the property is losing based on the current roof’s age and appearance – this will help you see whether it’s time to get to work!