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Deck Porch Builder in Greater Boston MA

Deck Building

Deck Porch Builder in Greater Boston MA

Custom built decks are becoming increasingly popular in the New England area for many reasons. Custom decks transforms the landscape of your home in Greater Boston MA. They make a great porch, patio, or deck. A great place to entertain family and friends. They also increase your property value.

Deck/Porch Material

Picking the right material for your project is a big decision and it is best to consult with your local Deck Building Expert such as CAN Roof Construction. Decks, just like roofing, and gutter, have to deal with mother nature, and ,therefore, should be built sturdy and safely.

Porch Building

Deck/Porch Design

Porch design is unlimited and offers a great way to enhance the look of your home. You have several options when choosing and each one can be geared towards your needs. We can build you a new porch, add to an existing or even rebuild your current porch in Greater Boston MA. The process is quick and easy for an experienced porch builder.

Wood Deck

Wood decks are an exquisite choice to make when you’re looking for a way to add outdoor living space. Ask any reputable deck building expert and they’ll agree that there’s no right or wrong answer for selecting the right decking material.

CAN Roof Construction is the preferred service provider for any style of deck that you decide to add to your home. We promise you a level of unsurpassed quality that will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Wood decks become the ideal spot to make family memories and host social events. From simple and sophisticated to oversized and ornate, whatever style of deck you’d like, we can design and install.

For many homeowners, there’s simply nothing as classic as wood. It’s a point that can’t easily be argued.

With proper maintenance, wood is perfect for custom decks, as it is for fencing and other components of your home. Wood decks are an ideal choice for anyone who wants:

  • Beautiful Visual Aesthetics,

  • Optimal Longevity,

  • Enhanced Property Value,

  • Unique Wood Grain,

  • Sturdy and Durable.

Preferred among traditionalists, wood decks just fit the look of the great outdoors. Of course, you don’t have to be a traditionalist to appreciate the natural beauty, especially since you can choose to paint it and change the wood’s appearance.

Whether you stain it to complement the natural wood grain or seal it with the paint color of your choice, you’ll appreciate the outcome. While the wood used is pressure treated to prevent decay and termite damage, there’s still a level of required maintenance involved.

Choices You Can Live With

The important thing is to be aware of the maintenance needs and make sure keeping up with it is realistic. The trend of outdoor living isn’t going away anytime soon, and houses without this type of addition will be left behind when it comes to the housing market.

Plus, you’ll be missing out if you don’t start thinking seriously about having yours added. Now, all you have to decide is what material to use.
Treated lumber is more affordable than most people realize. Of course, with a lower price tag comes some drawbacks to consider.

  • Requires Greater Maintenance

  • Staining/Painting Needed

  • Shrinking Over Time

  • Warping with Age

  • Cracking or Splintering

For results you’ll love for years to come, get in touch with us now and review designs of wood decks by our deck building experts.

Composite Deck Material

In recent years, the biggest change in the decking industry has been the development and increase in popularity of composite decks. You can feel confident that no one locally knows this branch of the custom deck industry like CAN Roof Construction.
We’re a local leader in this field and specialists in all deck materials, including composite.

The combination of different decking materials is how you make composite decking. Typically, composite decks are made from a combination of wood and plastic, lending a unique set of benefits.

Advantage of composite decking

Before making a choice about custom decks, it’s essential to know about the options you have, including material choices. When it comes to composite decks, here are some of the benefits that you should be aware of:

  • Low Maintenance

  • Sturdy & Durable

  • Enhanced Property Value

  • Visual Aesthetics

  • Return on Investment

A main reason homeowners prefer composite to a material like natural wood is that it requires less maintenance. As beautiful as real wood is, it’s also demanding when it comes to upkeep and care.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about afflictions that occur with real wood, like mold or rot. Your deck with be even more durable and sturdy than real wood without the concern of issues that can compromise it, like rot or termites.

Adding a high-quality deck that also improves the curb appeal, increases the value as well. And all of this makes adding a composite deck to your home a good investment with adequate returns.

With composite materials, you also know that, come spring, your deck will be looking good and ready to go, minus maybe a thorough cleaning. Plus, being made from recyclable materials makes Eco-conscious households ready to get on board.
Get in touch with us now and let us show you what a difference it makes to work with a deck building expert.